The Room Formerly Known as Yellow

I am gradually making the studio more and more my space.  The most recent improvement was a room that once looked like this.

And this …








It now looks like this …

And with all my stuff…










It will be known as the fibre room, I think.

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The Loom is just a Machine, the loom …

My Macomber loom is older than I am and that’s getting up there.  I’ve only had it a few years but I’ve anthropomorphized it, stopping short of calling it anything other than “the Mac”, it is a bit like a friend to me but I know it is just a machine that is replaceable. You would expect to do some maintenance on any machine that you use a lot and once in a while I do.  Cleaning, oiling and tightening screws.  I was, however, not happy to see this.

On not one but two screws.  I tried to get the ends out of the loom with no success so the only thing left to do was some major surgery.  There will be scars.

I found the drill, took a deep breath (maybe more than one) and did this.

A couple of bolts later and the loom was back in business.  Just a little the worst for wear.  Maybe it will keep weaving for another 50+ years.

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Life and Death

When I got home today I saw this in the back yard.

How cool is that?  I did manage to get a picture and I wish I could have gotten closer but as I got there it took off.

No idea what breed this is but judging by the size it’s a hawk.

Sure wish I had a telephoto lens.







Of course, there is always a price to pay.  Eat or be eaten.

Yup, that’s life … and death.

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Off the Loom

Today I painted and wove.

This came off the loom.

It’s a very gloomy day so the lighting isn’t great.  This is a fairly small rug.

Here’s another.  It’s a bit bigger.

I still have to finish the edges, but I’m happy with both of them.

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Hello Spring …

No much new going on here but I thought I’d show you what is growing in my mother’s flower bed.

And there were these as well.

It’s been a long time coming but maybe it’s here.  Soon we’ll be complaining about how hot it is.

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Cut that Dog Off …

… of the loom that is.

When there is something on the loom that has either been on there a long, long time, or it’s something you are starting to hate so much that it’s stopping you from weaving, it’s called a dog and it’s time to cut it off.

It may be a couple of inches shorter than planned but I did finish this piece.  And it turned out okay but it was a struggle.

The biggest problem with this blanket was the degree of difficulty.

It was wide, wider than my arm span, so let me tell you that weaving bench got very nicely polished.

It was complex.  All eight shafts and bit of a challenging treadle pattern.

It was a softly spun alpaca that was starting to draw in.  As I was nearing the end of this blanket the warp started to break, one thread after another.  I’d no sooner fix a thread and I could see another shredding.  I should have used a temple but I didn’t have one and getting one long enough would be a bit spendy.   I’m usually pleased with my selvedges but I’m not proud of these.

And this was a new to me loom.   I’m still getting to know it.

After one more thread broke I decided that it was long enough and couldn’t bear to do another repeat.

All that whining aside, once it was off and washed it didn’t look bad at all.  It’s bit like the children we get to raise.  We go through a lot with them, some days good, some days not.  They drive us nuts and test our patience.  Then, before you know it, they’re grown and we look at them and think, “You know, they actually turned out rather well.”

Another thing?  This is a blanket.  It isn’t perfect.  The selvedges aren’t great and it isn’t really balanced but it’s main purpose is to keep someone warm and if that’s what counts, then it’s a success.

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I’ve finally finished something.

I work on multiple projects.  There are two main reasons why I do this.  The one I like to use as a reason is that I tend to get injured if I do one thing too much.  I’ve broken both the wrist and the shoulder of my right arm and (I hate this part) I’m getting older.  So I change things up a lot.  If I’m tired of weaving I spin, if I’m tired of that I sew, or I work on the studio ripping out a carpet or something.

The other reason I change things up is that I get bored easily.

That’s all fine and it works for me but the problem is that I never seem to get anything done or I get a bunch of things done close to the same time and it seems like I’m just spinning my wheels till then.  I do have a lot of wheels.

So anyway, to make a short story long, I finished a throw rug today and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Technically, it’s a rag rug, although, I didn’t use rags. I used fabric from my stash.   Remnants from other projects or fabric that was given to me after a show or something I bought and then didn’t like.   But I do like this.  I think I’ll make another one.

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Spring? Yeah, not so fast.

The calendar says it’s spring, the snow is all gone and this little bird seems to think it’s time to build a nest.

However, right now, it’s snowing outside, which is better than the freezing rain that is predicted.  Gotta love Canada’s weather.  No wonder, we always talk about it.

There isn’t really much else to show for the day.  Pictures of warps a foot of more longer isn’t that exciting.  And a spinning wheel bobbin filling up interests no one but me.

The fact that all the staples (I think) are pulled out of the yellow room … whatever.

I hope to be more interesting next time.

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There are some strange things about this little house that have me wondering.  One thing is why the former owners covered almost every floor with carpet including the kitchen and bathroom.  Come on, who does that?  My mother tells me that the former lady of the house hated scrubbing floors so she loved carpet.

I, on the other hand, hate carpet.  Part of that has to do with my work.  It’s all threads and fibre and all that stuff gets stuck in carpet.  It is far easier to sweep the floor and occasionally scrub than it is to fish out every thread, piece of yarn and dropped pin that seems to adhere to carpet.  Also, I hate the sound of the vacuum cleaners.  so when I’m done there will probably be very little carpet here.

I got the carpet off the entire top floor and down the stairs.

The “yellow” room is mostly cleaned out and is waiting for me to finish pulling out what must be hundreds of staples.

I’ll work on that a bit at a time.  I also have to get the wallpaper border scraped off and a decision about the wiring has to be made.  I may have to build a shelf or something to cover the wire.

I got all the carpet off the hallway as well as the linoleum and the plywood. There was an old newspaper in the vent hole so I know that the reno to place the carpet happened no earlier than 1971.




I pulled the carpet out of the bathroom.  It was pretty much just laying there.  The linoleum was there before the bathtub.  You can tell that the bathtub sits on top of it.  Why oh why?   So,  I think the lino stays.  I think it’s neat that the original, and real linoleum is still there and in decent shape.  I just wish it wasn’t covered in dried out contact cement and I really wish it wasn’t so ugly.



Dirt and old contact cement.  Truth is this will probably all scrape off.  I’m not looking forward to that.  But, the bathroom is small.

I found out that there used to be a bit of a bannister at the top of the stairs.  Now why would you take that down?  Do you like taking a misstep and falling down the stairs?




Nice work on that.  Thank goodness for wood putty and filler.  I will keep my eye out for a bannistar or something to put there but that might take a while.


And then I looked at the stairs.

Why not go all in and take that carpet off too?

I do wish all the floors looked as nice as the wood on the stairs.

Not sure what the numbers are all about but there are signs that there was once a different location for the stairs and no bathroom, of course.  This is no Victorian Mansion, so I’m sure the original bathroom was an outhouse.  Anyway,  my Dad thinks maybe these stairs came from somewhere else and were numbered to make it easier to put together.  These stairs definitely don’t meet code.  They are too narrow and they have a slight tip both forward and to one side.  Everything else is rock solid and amazingly enough level in this house so his theory does makes sense.  I’m hoping that some alcohol will take those numbers off.


After all that I took a break and wove.

It’s amazing how much progress you can make when you just sit down and do it.

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Clean Up in Aisle Five

Today there was more demolition.  I got everything down and off that I wanted to and began the day cleaning up as I went along.  By the end of the day … not so much.

I guess I got tired.  It will be there waiting for me in the morning.  There will be lots of nails being pulled out.  And that took most of the day.

I ended by sitting down to spin for a bit.  I’m working on this right now.  I have at least a sweater’s worth of wool for this so this is a long term project and I know that I will be doing other spinning between.

All natural colour.  I love that brown.

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